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About me


I speak, read and write English, German, Spanish and Portuguese. Now that I live in Barcelona, I've started learning Catalan, which is an extra ingredient in the weird language salad in my head.

I was born in Brazil, but I’ve lived in eight different countries over the course of my life so far. Living in different cultures and in different languages has taught me flexibility, resourcefulness, adaptability and deeper empathy.

I like to make physical things and learn new crafts (like cross-stitching!). I believe this helps improve and constantly evolve my approach to problem solving, as I am regularly challenged to think differently.

I made this website with a lot of love and care—it's hosted by Netlify and generated by Eleventy. Its most obvious feature is the customisability, but behind the scenes it is also sensitive to accessibility preferences like reduced-motion and colour contrast, and reacts to the absence of JavaScript. Our individual experiences of the web are different, after all.