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About me

A combination of words known primarily to those who use it to describe themselves, is 'Third Culture Kid'. It describes someone who has been raised in one (or more) cultures that is not their culture of origin. And it describes my experience in life.

Due in large part to this, I'm fluent in multiple languages and have lived in multiple countries. And this has taught me to communicate carefully, as communication is the basis of all of our relationships. It has also challenged me to think differently, and has honed my problem solving skills.

Encountering different perspectives and approaches has boosted my interest in being involved in projects that will benefit someone else, because I learn from other people's needs, opinions and mindsets, thereby undergoing constant growth myself.

I like to make physical things and study communication. I believe this helps improve and constantly evolve my approach to problem solving, as I am regularly challenged to think differently, or simply challenge the way I think.

I made this website with a lot of love and careā€”it's hosted by Netlify and generated by Eleventy. Its most obvious feature is the customisability, but behind the scenes it is also sensitive to accessibility preferences like reduced-motion and colour contrast, and reacts to the absence of JavaScript. Our individual experiences of the web are different, after all.